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From the Inside Out: The Atomic Basis of Radiation, by Zelda L. Kravitz

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This unit will cover the atomic basis of radiology, including the structure of the atom, formation of X-rays, the effect of X-rays on living tissues and film, as well as fluoroscopy.

It supplements Joyce Calarco’s unit on the historical development of cathode ray tubes, as well as the unit by Marcella Flake and Carolyn Kinder which deals with the subject of radiology and safety, on a middle school level.

Only by understanding the basic structures and physics of the atom can we appreciate the processes of radiology.

(Recommended for 9th grade Physical science, 10th grade Biology, 11th and 12th grade Chemistry, Physics, and Human Physiology and Lab Technology)

Key Words

Tomography Medical Imaging X-radiation Physics X-rays Technology

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