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Imaging the Human Body with Ultrasound, by Elisabet O. Orville

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My unit covers the use of ultrasound in imaging the human body. Pulses of sound are produced by a special crystal, the echoes bounce off internal organs in the body and return to the same crystal. Finally the echoes are changed to a visual pattern on a screen.

Ultrasound can be used to image most of the soft organs of the body, including the reproductive system. Because it is apparently not harmful it is used extensively during pregnancy.

As well as the information in the text, there is an extensive series of slides that accompanies this unit at the Teachers Institute office.

(Recommended for Grades 9 Physical Science, 10 Biology, 11 Health, 11 and 12 Human Physiology and 7 and 8 Science)

Key Words

Ultrasound Medical Imaging Technology Tomography

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