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Hispanic Immigrants: Trials and Tribulations, by Maria A. D’ulisse-Cupo

Guide Entry to 84.03.02:

The following unit is constructed for the purpose of educating the middle and high school language student on the Hispanic immigrants’ patterns and problems of assimilation and acculturation to a new life in the North. The unit will concentrate on the greater New Haven area and will include real-life dramas from “El Barrio” in New York City.

The unit is divided into three sections:

(a Interviews 1) Puerto Rican woman 2) Cuban-American woman b) Brief Article on Mexican Americans c) Slide presentation comparing Spanish Harlem (“El Barrio”) and Little Italy in New York City.

Learning Objectives for Students:

1) to determine how their cultural heritage influenced their parents’ lives and how aware they are of the impact it will have on their future. 2) to instill cultural pride in everyone, not just the Hispanic students, in their past. 3) to show the importance of understanding and communicating with everyone regardless of race, creed and national origin.

(Recommended for Spanish I, II, and III classes grades 7 through 10, and Italian I and II classes, grades 7 through 9)

Key Words

Mexican American Puerto Rican Hispanic History Immigration Mexico USA History Mexican-American Hispanic Puerto Rican Immigration Mexico USA

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