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1984: Culture and Conflict—A Discussion of the Experience of the Young Chicana and the Young Puerto Rican Parent, by Kathleen London

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This unit opens with vignettes of Chicana and Puerto Rican young parents characterizing the etiology of pregnancy among Hispanic teenagers, the dilemmas they face as a result of early pregnancies, and the diversity of the Hispanic youth population in this country. The narrative includes a discussion of the educational outcomes, health and social services for young parents and information on contraceptive use among Hispanic teenagers. The concept of machismo and the valued role of motherhood are explored. The unit concludes with a case study of a Puerto Rican school-age mother; a lesson using the case study is included in the activities section. The unit also includes two lessons using films available in Spanish from Planned Parenthood League of Connecticut.

(Recommended for Urban Studies classes, grade 9; Sociology/ Psychology classes, grade 12; Family Life Education classes, grades 9 through 12; and Sex Education Classes, grades 8 and 9)

Key Words

Human Sexuality Adolescence High School Dropouts Education Ethnicity Puerto Rican Hispanic

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