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The Art of the Puerto Rican People, by Doris M. Vazquez

Guide Entry to 84.03.08:

Teachers using “The Art of the Puerto Rican People” unit will find a very condensed art history of Puerto Rico from Pre-Colombian times to today. The unit should be used as a handbook and guide to teaching, but further reading is recommended. Many Puerto Rican students do not have a strongly developed sense of cultural heritage. The reasons may be many and varied. This unit will serve as a review for some and be completely new to others.

This unit goes {into some detail in the different art expressions. It includes painting, sculpture, and crafts done by outstanding artists from the seventeenth to the twentieth century.

I have prepared a kit of slides and reproductions of some paintings that goes with the unit. This kit will be available at the Institute’s office. The kit will help the teacher present the material in an attractive way to the students. The slides are beautiful and the color reproductions of the paintings are very good. They should motivate the teacher and students into further research and make it an exciting learning experience.

(Recommended for Social Studies classes, grades 6 through 8; Spanish for Spanish Speakers and ESOL classes, grades 9 through 12; and Art classes, grades 1 through 12)

Key Words

Hispanic Art Puerto Rican Ethnicity Forms History

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