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A Middle School Orientation Program for Parents, Students, and Teachers, by Richard Canalori

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Children entering middle school face many adjustments. Their new schools are larger, there are many more teachers, and the requirements are more demanding. It is important, therefore, that the child have a successful beginning. The period of adolescence is difficult enough. If the teacher can help the parent and child improve lines of communication and begin middle school in a positive manner then perhaps the transition can be easier and the period of adolescence less difficult.

The unit itself is a one month orientation program designed to help parents and children begin the middle school experience in an organized manner. It stresses parent involvement and requires parents and students to do activities at home. These activities range from limiting TV viewing to having dinner or breakfast together. The unit requires the teacher to meet with parents at the very beginning of the school year and to describe the unit activities. Once these activities have been described, the teacher must follow progress closely and assist parents and children in their efforts to complete each task.

(Recommended for grade 6 English or Social Studies classes)

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