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The Geology Of West River, by Carolyn Kinder

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The Geology of West River investigates the vital role that West River plays in the geologic processes in New Haven. The paper deals primarily with the section of West River that is located off Derby Avenue and the Boulevard and ends at Blake and Whalley Avenue in Westville near the Mite Corporation. The unit is based on group discussions, teacher input, seminar leader, fact finding information and experiences, as well as my own experiences and observations.

The aim of the unit is to provide students with information on the subject and to make them aware of career related fields.

The unit is designed to be stimulating and refreshing so that it can equip students with a real purpose or a motivation to explore and discover the world around them. It makes sense to give the students, as well as teachers, a real sense of involvement. Hand-on experiences and action are the only way for students to become involved in the learning process. It is hoped that this curriculum serves as a challenge to middle school students grades 5-8. The unit includes lesson plans, laboratory exercises, topographic maps, careers, vocabulary and a bibliography.

It is hoped this unit will add dimension to the science curriculum and will be meaningful to both students and teachers. Teachers who teach history can also effectively utilize the unit.

(Recommended for grades 5 through 8 Science and History classes)

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