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Developing Good Written Communication Skills and the Word Processing Student, by Rose B. Coggins

Guide Entry to 86.04.03:

“Developing Good Written Communication Skills and the Word Processing Student” is a unit designed to improve a prospective office worker’s ability to write effective correspondence using a word processor. Obtaining a good office position requires learning many essential skills. One of the skills needed is the ability to write effective correspondence. This skill will not only help an individual to gradually climb the ladder of success, but will also help to build job security.

The unit includes (1) a discussion of the importance of written communications; (2) word processing prerequisites; (3) suggested means of evaluation; (4) several methods of teaching writing (examples using the methods are included in the discussion); (5) three major techniques of clear writing discussed in detail—SELECTION OF WORDS, CONSTRUCTION OF CLEAR SENTENCES, AND WRITING FOR EFFECT (activities to build the skills listed above are located in the appendices); (6) five letter writing assignments to be given in order to reinforce the skills taught in the unit; and (7) a suggested reading list for teachers and students (many of the books can be found in most public libraries).

The unit involves a time schedule of approximately six weeks; however, it can be easily adjusted to meet the needs of the teacher and/or student. A proposed schedule of daily activities is also included.

(Recommended for Business English classes, grades 10-12; Business Communication classes, grades 10-12; and Office Technology classes, grades 11-12)

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