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Graphing Current Drug Data, by Beverly B. Stern

Guide Entry to 86.05.01:

Graphing Current Drug Data gives (1) some current views on the drug issue, (2) a history of drug use, (3) specific data on alcohol, caffeine, cocaine, marijuana and nicotine, and (4) data on high school drug trends from 1975-1985. When I wrote it, I was aiming for general math students grades 10-12 because I have found it difficult to find math material suitable to their level of maturity and yet mathematically uncomplicated. The unit could supply graphing data for any math class 7-12. It could also be used in a social studies class. One thing that is different about this unit is that it is written to be used as a student text. I will have a classroom set made for use in different ways.

(Recommended for General Mathematics classes, grades 10-12; General Mathematics classes (in part), grades 7-12; Social Studies classes wherever drugs are studied; and supplemental graphing Algebra I classes)

Key Words

Drug Abuse Adolescence American Drugs Use By Statistics Basic Skills Mathematics Graphs Construction

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