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Where, Oh Where Is All The Clean Air?, by Theodore Parker, Sr.

Guide Entry to 86.06.04:

In an attempt to address the ever increasing problem of air pollution, this unit was developed with the curriculum behavioral objectives and guidelines of the New Haven Board of Education in mind.

This curriculum unit can be integrated into any or all of the following courses: biology, meteorology, botany, health education, environmental studies and ecology. The unit introduces the subject of air pollution in a somewhat unique style: that is, by using a parable of a make-believe country that falls victim to its own technological advances. (Familiar?) The unit is logically arranged, beginning with an introduction. Next there is a brief history of air pollution; behavioral objectives which include skills and abilities, and attitudes and appreciations; questions to be answered; the meteorology of air pollution (causes and dispersal, effects on living things); major diseases related to air pollution; impacts of air pollution (aquatic life, plant life); methods of controlling air pollution vs. economic considerations; summary statement; update; activities for classroom discussion; air pollution pre-quiz/post-quiz; charts and tables; comprehensive glossary; suggested reading list.

This unit is centered around a broad-based science theme. The concepts to be developed are listed or explained. All activities are designed to contribute to the development and reinforcement of concepts. The activities have been designed so that they may be implemented inexpensively. This unit is designed to foster an understanding of the serious problem of air pollution through inquiries, investigations and activities; and ultimately develop some suggestions for possible methods of addressing the problem of air pollution.

(Recommended for Biology classes, grades 7-12; Meteorology classes, grades 7 and 8; Health Education classes, grades 7-12; and Botany classes, grades 7-12)

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Pollution Air Ecology Environomental Science Fossil Fuels Combustion Geology Natural Resources

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