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Three Short Storles from Latin America, by Jose A. Delgado

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“Three Short Stories from Latin America” intends to help advanced high school students of Spanish as well as Spanish speakers who wish to strengthen the multilingual skills they already possess. It is hoped that the reading and study of short stories will tighten the gap these two types of students might have between elementary and more advanced levels of proficiency.

The chosen stories intend to provide a sample of the vast array of literary outpouring Latin America has produced. These selections are an effort to present various aspects of society, culture, traditions, and myths. The exercises are designed to both check reading comprehension and to increase the students’ competence and familiarity with the target language. It is hoped that an all-Spanish text, together with a classroom where only Spanish is spoken, will encourage students to actually think in Spanish, thus enabling them to feel competent and proficient in the area of interpersonal communication.

(Recommended for Spanish for Spanish Speakers classes, grades 11-12; and Spanish II/III classes, grades 11-12)

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