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Rosario Ferre: Una cuentista puertorriquena contemporanea, by Doris M. Vazquez

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This unit’s main purpose is to acquaint the teacher or reader with the evolution of the short story and contemporary writers in Puerto Rico, with a special emphasis on the work by Rosario Ferre. As part of the unit, a section containing background information is included. The short story in Puerto Rico, is and has always been in constant change. Themes, styles, topics, and content change as conditions on the island change. There will be brief explanations on each of the phases of the short story to be used by the teacher as additional reference material. This information will prove valuable in understanding the writers’ points of view and the messages that they want to get across. The unit should work well with students in Spanish for Spanish Speakers or in Spanish II or above, at the middle or high school levels.

(Recommended for Spanish for Hispanics classes, grades 7-12 and Advanced Spanish classes, grades 7-12)

Key Words

Ferre, Rosario Contemporary Literature Latin American Spanish Reading Instruction

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