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The Teaching of Biology and Difference to a Special Education Seventh Grade Class, by Sandra I. Perkins

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This unit focuses on teaching biology and difference among individuals to a Special Education class composed of seventh and eighth graders. The main difference between this unit and any other biology unit is that it centers on using visual aids, observation, and hands on work as a major component of learning rather than the use of lecture and reading. The unit is taught using simple lessons which are student centered, and which promote the students to want to learn, use resources, and draw their own conclusions. At the end of each short lesson/learning period, the students will be given worksheets, questions, or diagrams to fill out or answer to apply what they learned that day. The worksheets included with this unit can be used throughout as a supplement or as assignments. The use of the materials are mentioned throughout the unit as to how they can be presented and when. It would be beneficial to the teacher to understand the subject and how the material can be incorporated.

(Recommended for Special Education Life Science classes, grades 7-8)

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Cells Biology Human Animals Genetics Special Education

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