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The Effects of Hormones on the Human Physiological System, by Sandra I. Davis

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This unit will present the concept of hormones and the influences that hormones have on our physiological system and behavior. In teaching this unit the students will be exposed to various materials to promote learning about the endocrine system. The students will, at the end of this unit, have gained a knowledge of what hormones are, where the important hormones are synthesized and secreted from, how hormones are transported, how hormones are recognized by receptors, and what occurs once a hormone reaches its target site. Throughout the lessons, teacher-made worksheets, diagrams, and activities will be utilized to supplement discussion. Transparencies and models will also be utilized to help visualize hormone concepts.
(Recommended for Life Science and Special Education Science classes at the middle school level; and Biology classes at the high school level)

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Physiology Hormones Biology Science

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