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The Family on Stage in the Americas, by Sally B. Kaczynski

Guide Entry to 89.03.04:

This unit, “The Family on Stage in the Americas,” was written for secondary school students and can be taught in one marking period. The main objective of the unit is to help students develop a sense of personal self-confidence with spoken language. The strategies employed to meet this objective are: the introduction of basic speaking and performance skills, and the opportunity to practice speaking aloud in a comfortable, controlled environment.

More specifically, students will read monologues taken from the works of many contemporary authors. The focus of these readings will be “family ties”. As a group we will examine the ways in which families are bonded into units. After this introduction to the readings students will be guided through the process of script and character analysis which helps students build a character for the stage. Adequate time is then provided for the memorization of a monologue, rehearsal of actions and staging of the monologue, and an actual classroom performance of the monologues.

(Recommended for English, Drama, and Humanities classes, grades 7-12)

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