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Measurements, Matter, and Crystals, by Raymond W. Brooks

Guide Entry to 89.06.01:

The unit has simple but meaningful hands-on activities to stimulate and motivate the students with their understanding of some basic scientific principles. It begins with the study of the atom and how we can predict some chemical reactions with A group elements. It then moves to the metric system of measurement and we become familiar with the units and instruments we will use for measuring matter. We find the density of several objects to complete this section. The next topic is the study of the states of matter. The final experience with this section is the changing of ice water to steam making a graph with temperature versus time. We next cover solutions making a solubility curve using mass of solute/100ml of water versus temperature. The unit ends with the growing of crystals and writing of a report about this experience.

(Recommended for Earth or Physical Science classes, grade 8)

Key Words

Basic Chemistry Crystal Geology Science Physical Measurements

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