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Learning through Autobiographical Situations, by Miriam G. Marshall

Guide Entry to 90.01.03:

This unit will promote an understanding of Latin American cultures by introducing the students to Latin American autobiographies. The information will give them an understanding and appreciation of their own culture. A series of questions will be raised to stimulate students to record remembrances of the life of someone in their household. The questions will cover the personal and public, work and home, family and community aspects of a personís life. This will serve as a guide to capture the significant facts and events of each childís family. The facts gathered will easily generate an oral history of a grandmother, for example. The stories created by the students will be used to teach reading. The stories will stem from the selection of the autobiographies that the teacher will read in class. In addition to their stories, parts of the autobiographies selected will be copies for the students to read, discuss, and write about in group activities.

(Recommended for English, Reading, and Bilingual Education, grades 3-4; and English as a Second Language. Grades may vary depending on English proficiency.)

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Bilingualism Reading Instruction Autobiography ESL Special Education Spanish

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