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We Are One, by Pamela M. Fowler

Guide Entry to 90.02.03:

“We Are One” is a unit focused on life skills. It is meant to help the students and the teacher deal with events of everyday life. The first section deals with activities used to acquaint the students with each other and the teacher with the students. The second section focuses on building trust within the classroom. Following trust development is building self-esteem in individuals and in the group as a whole. It stresses the importance of working together and responding positively. The last ten days are spent on activities based on cooperative learning techniques. The focus of this unit is on learning how to feel and learning what it feels like when the shoe is on the other foot, as well as effective problem solving.

The unit develops confidence within each child and a feeling of oneness and trust in the classroom. By the end of the first quarter the teacher should have been able to develop a sense of trust for each student, his/her peers, as well as the entire class and you, the teacher. In turn, you will learn a great deal about your students. The rest of the year will be more effective and positive as a result of this unit.

(Recommended for Drama, Life Skills, and Social Problem Solving, grades K-12)

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