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The Four Corners Region of the United States: Cultures, Ruins, and Landmarks, by Lillyann Santorelli

Guide Entry to 90.03.08:

My unit will give children experience dealing with parts of the United States that they have little or no knowledge of. The area consists of the Four Corners Region of the United States. Map skills, historical landmarks, and cultural differences will be accented. I highly recommend that creative ways of teaching be emphasized. Some examples are included to increase the interest of the children.

The area encompassed by this paper consists of Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona. Ways of the Indian cultures and their ruins will be discussed. The history of each state and some meaningful facts are presented. The following landmarks are in this paper: Chaco Canyon National Monument, Mesa Verde, Canyon de Chelly National Monument, and Monument Valley.

Children just love to explore and pretend they are archaeologists, so this unit thrives on their playful ways. They are also fascinated by the Indian cultural ways. The Indians left stories behind them without having written anything. Through the study of their ruins, art, and wall paintings, children and adults can learn lots of things together of a forgotten culture.

National Parks and Historical Landmarks make up so many parts of our states. After this unit is completed, I suggest that a unit on the New Haven Indians be researched. There are many landmarks in our city from the Quinnipiac Indians.

(Recommended for Social Studies, Special Education, grades 5-7)

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