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Famous Black Americans Recognized by the National Park System, by Maizie P. Seabrook

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The unit identifies National Historical Sites that have been named in honor of famous Afro-Americans. The unit gives an overview of the location, history, and reason why each site was designated as a National Historical Site.

The purpose of the unit is to:

a) define National Parks, b) give a brief history of the National Park System, c) identify the parks recognized for Afro-Americans, d) give the specific location of each park (maps), e) give a biographical sketch of each Afro-American, f) understand the importance of why parks should be named for famous persons, g) appreciate the value of taking a field trip, h) teach map skills as it relates to the geographical location of each region, and i) give the functions of the Park Service.

Black Americans have contributed in many ways in the making of this country. All kinds of honors have been bestowed upon these individuals. Several have been honored in our National Park System because of their great contributions to making America.

Those persons are Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., for whom the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historical Site in Atlanta, Georgia, was named; Frederick Douglass, for whom the Frederick Douglass National Historic Site in Washington, D.C. was named; George Washington Carver, for whom the George Washington Carver National Monument in Virginia was named; Booker T. Washington, for whom the Booker T. Washington National Monument in Virginia was named; and Maggie L. Walker, for whom the Maggie L. Walker National Historic Site in Virginia was named. There also are Tuskegee Institute National Historical Site in Alabama and the Boston African-American National Historic Site in Massachusetts.

In the unit I identify and discuss the achievements of these famous Afro-Americans. I discuss in detail the reason why these places are honored by the National Park System.

(Recommended for Social Studies, History, Geography, and Science, grades 5-12)

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