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Depicting Family Life: Changes and Modifications, by Delci Lev

Guide Entry to 90.04.02:

The unit is interdisciplinary—it utilizes Social Studies and Language Arts to teach subject matter in addition to group dynamics, comprehension, and writing skill. The years from 1945 to the present are studied through political, scientific, and technological events. In conjunction with the above activity, novels will be read reflecting the changes in family life as a result of the occurrences. To measure change over a period of time, students will be reading an illustrated version of a 19th century novel depicting family life. The values discussed in the novel will be examined in relation to values presented and expressed in more contemporary literature. To provide students with a comprehensive picture of the time period, they will read a historically illustrated text portraying 1945 to the present. The unit has two components: Social Studies and Language Arts. They can be taught as presented or as two separate units.

(Recommended for Language Arts and Social Studies, grades 6-9)

Key Words

Family Life Literature Social Behavior History

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