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Cultural Diversity: The American Family - Past, Present and Future, by Lorna S. Dils

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This unit looks at the American histories of six different ethnic groups: Black, Hispanic, White, Japanese, Chinese and Native American, and also examines the changing American family through a series of short reading selections, writing activities, and classroom projects. Its goal is to provide the student with historical information about these ethnic groups while also looking at societal pressures on all present day families. It culminates in final writing activity in which students use the information they have gained about the past and present family to predict what the family will be like in the future. This unit is specifically designed for seventh grade students in the Talented and Gifted Program but can be easily adapted to all students in grades six through eight by changing the reading selections.

(Recommended for English and Interdisciplinary, grades 6-8)

Key Words

Family Life American History Literature

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