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Heredity: Your Connection to the Past, by Carolyn C. Smith

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There have been and always will be many questions as to the origin of man. Scientific knowledge has made it possible for us to come up with a pretty accurate explanation as to why things happen on this earth as they do. Although we have logical explanations, it is still astounding when we draw conclusions based on the actions of some scientists or the reaction of molecules. We have a clearer picture of what is inherited and what is not.

This unit was developed for the teachers and students; therefore, when it is taught, the following objectives should be mastered. The students will:

1. learn that both heredity and environment affect the development of living things;
2. discover that a complex molecule in the nuclei of cells carries a code that determines the traits of organisms;
3. observe that plants and animals with the same heredity will not be identical if their environments are different;
4. discover that although some traits are dominant, other traits can act together;
5. recognize facts and/or opinions about things occurring in the present and past related to genes; and
6. interpret information using charts, diagrams, time lines, and other hands-on materials to clarify a given concept.
This unit can be taught as one lesson over a given period of time or can be taught in parts to supplement a unit in the existing text that the teacher uses.

(Recommended for Science, grade 6; and Mathematics, grades 5-8)

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Biology Cells Heredity Genetics

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