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What Makes Airplanes Fly . . . Why Me, Tarah S. Cherry

Guide Entry to 90.07.04:

The primary goal of this unit on aerodynamics is to introduce the elementary student to the wonders of flight. For the teacher, I have tried to put this unit in a ‘holistic’ format. I use the word in quotes because I have tried to integrate mathematics, science, language, and just plain (plane) fun into your daily curriculum. I hope that the teacher who takes this challenge to task will use the journal entry in order to start beginning Science students on an organized course that has been very helpful to me. It is hoped that you find this method satisfactory also.

I am glad that I have the opportunity to stress the points that I stress as being important. The main point of importance is to make this lesson as much fun as possible. I say this because for most students this will be one of their beginning, in-depth Science instructions, and to remember your first introduction to a subject area, I feel is very significant.

Because of cost it was necessary for me to limit my publication to a minimum of twenty pages. As an elementary teacher I am well aware that you may need further instructional backup, for either remedial or extentional lessons. Please feel free to call me at the Mauro School, and I will be more than happy to provide you with these materials or to simply talk over any problem areas that you might be experiencing.

(Recommended for Science and Math, grades 4-6)

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