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Women Artists in History, by Joan Susan Zamore

Guide Entry to 91.02.10:

The unit is a study of ten women artists, working between the sixteenth and twentieth centuries. They cover four major themes in their art: still life, figure, landscape, and genre scenes. Looking at art of two artists at a time who work with a similar theme is part of our job. By way of a question and answer method called “formal analysis” based on techniques learned from Professor Prown at Yale, we can study the slides in class and find out meanings about the art and learn more about the artists themselves.

Biographies of the artists will be placed at the end of the unit so they can be utilized by students and teachers alike. Alternating between the slide analysis lessons will be studio art classes for the purpose of student sketching and creating ideas for a mural. The mural will be the culmination of the project. The object of the mural will be to enlighten the school as well as the individual class about these ten women artists. It will aim at depicting each woman artist symbolically through the themes she represents.

(Recommended for Art, grades 7-8)

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