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Building Dreams—Who is there to help you?, by Jean Sutherland

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Using the text of Mildred Taylor’s “Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry” and James Comer’s “Maggie’s American Dream,” this unit attempts to help pupils recognize the positive support and role models already existing within their own lives, especially within their own “family,” and to recognize that these segments of life are or can become sources of strength which could assist them in formulating and achieving positive goals for the future. The unit emphasizes the need for a firm foundation of knowledge regarding African American history. A number of approaches and historical topics are suggested for establishing an appropriate background. A number of pertinent topics which weave their way through both books also are explored as points to be examined through discussion and other related activities. Finally, a number of specific and general lessons designed to tie text and pupil experience together are included for teacher examination. The unit was created for use in a fifth grade classroom but could easily be adapted to other grade levels.

(Recommended for Reading, History, and Language Arts, grade 5 and easily adaptable to other grade levels)

Key Words

Autobiography Afro-Americans History Family Life Literature

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