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A Sense of Wonder, by Bethania U. Hernandez

Guide Entry to 91.05.03:

This curriculum unit has been written especially for slow learning students from minority groups who exhibit behavior problems, live in houses with poor sanitary conditions, and have little or no knowledge of disease prevention, first aid techniques or good nutritional habits. There is a focus on adolescentsí social problems solving skill and health issues. This unit is intended to help students improve their social behavior by improving their self-control. It is further intended to help students learn how to stay in good health by teaching them such topics as: the importance of good nutrition and hygiene, how to avoid contagious diseases by observing good medical habits, keeping appointments with their doctor, having all recommended basic immunizations, and maintaining good sanitary conditions in their homes. Finally, students will learn basic first aid for use in the case of emergencies in their homes, with emphasis on how to take a temperature correctly.

(Recommended for Science, grades 4-5, and Learning Center Bilingual, middle school grades)

Key Words

Adolescence General First Aid Basic Nutrition Needs Ingestion Adolescent Special Education Hygiene

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