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Equality of Educational Opportunity: Race and Finance in Public Education, by Cynthia Mcdaniels

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Equality is a topic that is a challenge to teach. Effective teaching requires an understanding of the historical, sociological, and legal aspects of education. Also sensitivity and a serious commitment to egalitarian principles is important.

This unit is designed to highlight the role of race, finance, and the judiciary particularly in the public schools, and in American society as a whole. The schools have a definite role in promoting equality and students should understand the factors that influence the educational process. Fundamental questions are raised, such as what is equality and how can it be achieved in fiscal policies and curriculum practices. Hopefully, students will make a personal resolution to overcome some inequalities by putting forth more academic effort and actively participating in community development.

Primary sources, especially the Brown transcripts and Connecticut policies, are presented to provide first-hand knowledge of actual events. Each lesson introduces key vocabulary terms and raises questions to provoke serious dialogue. The play addresses real issues that students have to deal with in many schools.

(Recommended for Social Studies, grade 8, and U.S. History, Sensitivity courses, and Constitutional Law, grades 8-12)

Key Words

American Inequality Education School Desegregation History United States Constitution

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