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A New Look at Old New Haven, by Francis J. Degnan

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This curriculum unit is designed to involve students in the third, fourth and fifth grades in the study of the growth of the New Haven colony. Much of our cityís growth from village to New England town and eventually to a regional center has been based on events that shaped our early history.

New Haven had a climate that has inspired and nurtured invention and experimentation. In this climate it is evident that early colonists had a sense of adventure and ability on the part of our forefathers to take risks. The strategies this unit will employ will encourage the children to use various learning skills. Part of the unitís lessons will allow hands-on experiences and will take into consideration the development of household industries and the early evolution of the assembly line. Each student will also critically examine slides of selected portraits to discover the information they contain. In these areas an interdisciplinary approach is stressed.

(Recommended for Colonial History, grades 3-5)

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Connecticut History Colonial American New Haven Life Industry

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