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My City, My Home, by Gene V. Gandelman

Guide Entry to 92.03.05:

My curriculum unit is designed to enlighten students so that they might respect, appreciate, understand, and contribute to their “home town.” Too many of them speak negatively about it, displaying little or no faith in its future. They need to be made aware of its past greatness and real potential to once again be a safe, prosperous, enjoyable place to live. I strongly believe that the single most effective way to bring back appreciation for one’s home city and respect for its citizens is to teach our young people all about it. I feel that this will instill pride and a desire to contribute positively to the future well-being of New Haven.

The curriculum unit will contribute to civic pride, appreciation, knowledge, and a sense of belonging to the city of New Haven’s youngest citizens—its school children. Many of today’s urban ills can be attributed to a lack of concern about the people we share our neighborhoods with and the welfare of our urban home in general.

Children today feel lost in their society partly because no one has ever been specific about the positive roles they should assume as young citizens today and as adults tomorrow.

Through a series of writing and reading exercises and assignments, students will gain a much greater insight into their home city and also have the opportunity to express ways to improve conditions for their own future. Students will be instructed in creative and persuasive writing, researching, presentation delivery, interviewing, editing, analytical thinking, and collaborative learning.

Students are taught the methods with which to research, report, and comment on such topics as history, culture, geography, demographics, education, employment, sports/entertainment, economics, politics, social issues, ethnology, media, architecture, youth concerns, the city’s future, and much more.

(Recommended for English, Reading, and Social Studies, grades 6-8)

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