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Examining the African-American Role in New Haven History: Pride in the Pastó Hope for the Future, by Jean Sutherland

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This unit attempts to help students become more aware of the changes which have taken place in the city of New Haven in general and in their neighborhoods in particular. It highlights the role played by African- Americans in this development. This includes examining some of the factors motivating their movement to New Haven, the problems they faced, their sources of strength (family, church and community), and the progress they have made. It also focuses on general works related to the city: non-fiction, fiction, art, and poetry, in order to further illustrate the physical aspects and atmosphere of a city.

Opportunities to develop pupilsí writing skills are frequent. Throughout, a major effort is made to present a developmental framework of African-American history in New Haven that will better clarify the present for students and help them feel a connection and pride in the accomplishments of the past, as well as hope for the present and future.

Though designed for a self-contained fifth grade, material can easily be adapted to other grade levels. Its length can also be adjusted to fit circumstances. Social Studies seems the natural area of concentration.

(Recommended for Social Studies, grades 4-8)

Key Words

New Haven Connecticut Afro-American History Biography Population

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