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Researching Columbus: Encounters and Exchanges, by Diana D. Doyle

Guide Entry to 92.04.01:

This unit is designed to take advantage of the current focus and interest in Christopher Columbus and his voyages to the New World. Because of the five-hundredth anniversary, a wealth of material is available. Students in the fifth and sixth grades will read a biography of Columbus and an illustrated version of his journal. They will read and discuss several Taino myths and become aware of the richness of the Taino culture. Students will be trained in research skills and will be expected to create research projects on some aspect of the journey of Columbus—his voyages, his encounters with the native peoples or the exchanges from New World to Old World.

(Recommended for English/Social Studies, grades 5-6)

Key Words

Columbus Christopher Ethnicity Hispanic American Explorers History Mythology Folklore Literature Native Americans Culture

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