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A Celebration of Cultural Richness In Our Community, by Cynthia H. Roberts

Guide Entry to 92.04.11:

This unit will be used with special education students in grades 9 through 12. I will explore the diversity of three cultures: the Italians, Hispanics, and the Irish. This unit will offer students the strength of diversity, the value that allows diversity to flourish, and the history and immigration that have shaped our country and our world. Students will learn about the history of different cultures, which includes individual contributors, immigration, traditions, and the geographical structure of the homeland.

Throughout this unit, students will learn a variety of skills: critical thinking, comprehension, vocabulary building, writing, and map skills.

In our schools, we can help determine how students relate to their identity and the identity of others. Without knowledge of the many streams that nourish the general society, the mainstream cannot be properly studied or understood.

(Recommended for History, grades 9-12)

Key Words

Education Multicultural Ethnicity Ireland Geography Italy Puerto Rico Hispanic Immigration Irish Italian

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