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Ecosystems:Can I Help?, by Raymond W. Brooks

Guide Entry to 92.05.03:

Ecology is a subject that students and adults are beginning to become more concerned about and they want to make a difference. This unit gives students an opportunity to learn first hand about the effects that some activities have on the environment.

Groups will be set up to study different environments in the New Haven area such as Long Island Sound, the Water Treatment Center, and the city parks to provide an opportunity to “stretch out” and investigate areas of interest to them.

Upon completion of this unit, the student will compare his initial views on “ecology” with those after completing the unit. The effectiveness of the unit can be evaluated by observing how the students follow their own suggestions for improving the local environment and how their behavior impacts other students to follow their lead. The type of questions and discussions in and out of class can also be used as an indicator for the effectiveness of the unit.

Hopefully the student will realize that all he or she reads or hears on environmental topics may not always be true and they will learn to evaluate this information more objectively and become more environmentally conscious.

(Recommended for Science, grades 7-8)

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Ecosystems Ecology Environmental Science

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