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Enjoying the Symbolism in the Troup Building, by Stella Samuel

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The symbols found in the architectural details at the Troup Magnet Academy of Sciences give meaning to the school and to the whole concept of education in that building. However, in order to understand the symbols, the ordinary person would need to develop a reservoir of knowledge of symbols, of building parts, and of basic architectural language so that they can both read the literature and then express themselves. This unit laid a heavy emphasis on background information so that the non-architectural student would first become comfortable with studying a new field and, secondly, become enthused about the material learned.

The student would then need to use the knowledge gained by becoming involved in the design process. This is to be accomplished by analyzing the existing symbols and architectural details. Following this the students would choose a location for a new symbol and would design a symbol for that space using their historic knowledge for symbols and their analyzing skills. It is hoped that once the students understand the meaning of their building and see the beauty in it that they will then recognize the beauty of the buildings in their neighborhood and will want to preserve them.

(Recommended for Social Studies, Grades 7-8)

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