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Remember the Time: An Exploration of History Through Drama, by Nicollette W. Perrault

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This is a unit that will capture and hold the attention of students for a nine-week period. It has been designed primarily for College English III, Advanced English III, or College English IV classes. This unit has three goals. The first goal is to familiarize students with the historical development of drama from the past to present day. The second goal of the unit is to expose students to plays which help them to broaden their perspectives with respect to cultural diversity. The third goal of the unit is to use drama as a means of encouraging expression and creativity.

Beginning with a history of the Greek theatre, the unit moves through the Medieval, Elizabethan, Modern and multicultural periods. Representative works are read, studied, discussed and analyzed in each period. Special emphasis is placed on the reading of the following:

- William Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing”
- George C. Wolfe’s “The Colored Museum”
- Athol Fugard’s “My Children! My Africa!”
Active student participation in oral reading, improvisations, directing, discussing, analyzing, comparing, contrasting and critiquing make this unit not only educational, but also an enjoyable learning experience.

(Recommended for College English, level III or IV and Advanced English, level III)

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