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Our Images Make History, by Diane Platt

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This unit focuses on introducing an overview of the history of mural making in the United States and providing activities for students to explore their own history through mural making. It is designed in four sections: Section One: Mexican Muralists; Section Two: W.P.A. Muralists; Section Three: Contemporary Muralists; Section Four: Creating Our Images of History. The first two sections provide background information and discussion activities. The third section provides a slide tour of contemporary muralists across the United States. Section Four approaches the process of mural making and provides lessons to introduce mural making to students as well as information and lessons for those interested in painting a wall mural with their students.

The main objective of this unit is to have students create a mural reflecting their ideas and images as a contemporary history within the school setting. This unit is applicable to any subject area teacher who may be interested to provide a visual experience in conjunction with their academic study. This unit could especially work well with a Social Studies or Spanish class studying the history of Mexico or the New Deal period of the thirties in U.S. history. Although the purpose of this unit is mural “making,” this unit could easily be used as an means of introducing the art of the periods mentioned through using the slides accompanying this unit available at the Teachers Institute.

(Recommended for Art or Social Studies, Grades 7 - 12)

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