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Bridging the Gap Between Cultures, by Cynthia H. Roberts

Guide Entry to 93.04.07:

This unit was written for Special Education students in grades 9-12, who are not easily motivated and whose reading levels are below grade level. In this unit, students will celebrate multiculturalism by honoring the diversity of students while bridging the cultures of our broader society. Students will study, discuss, explore, reflect, debate, write, create and expand their knowledge about emselves and the world around them. This unit is a continuation of a previous unit I wrote called “A Multicultural Look at the Art and Culture in Today’s Society.” A goal of this unit is to expose the students to similarities and differences of two cultures, which include: Greek and Israeli. Three areas will be given special attention: artwork, cooking/foods, and an introduction to each cultural group/recreational activities for each.

This unit will offer students the strength of diversity, the values that allows diversity to flourish, the history and literature that have shaped our country and our world. Students will also be provided with “hands-on activities.” Both the cognitive and affective domains will be used to help internalize the similarities and differences.

My goal is to build students awareness: 1) of ethnicity as one source of diversity within our nation society; 2) of the contribution of that diversity, as well as why it is a source of tension and dissension, and 3) of sense of identity and personal pride that many can and do derive from their sense of ethnic identity. This unit is designed to be used over a ten to twelve week period. During that time, students will be encouraged to examine the similarities and differences of each culture.

(Recommended for Social Studies or Special Education, Grades 9-12)

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