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Preciosite and Dandyism: Ages of Beauty, by Iole A. Apicella

Guide Entry to 94.02.06:

This unit has been developed especially for junior- and high-school students who are studying French. Several goals can be achieved by using this unit: improvement in vocabulary, knowledge of the history of 17th century France, knowledge of the history of 19th century England, writing skills, reading skills, speaking skills, and acting skills. Since this unit links two European cultures, the English and the British, it allows a range of endless possibilities of practice in the different fields of history, literature, sociology, etc.

I believe that the creative writing teachers will also find this unit interesting and helpful because it will promote and improve the creativity of the students who like to create unusual and skillful poems. In addition these poems could be used to start open discussions which can be, by my own experience, sometimes very challenging. Other exercises could include drawing new fashion styles or having the students create their own portfolio of original creation after the fashion of the 17th and 19th century; therefore this unit could also be used by art teachers.

(Recommended for French, grades 9-12)

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Drama Theater Acting Writing Reading

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