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The Hows and Whys of our Connecticut Weather, by Jannine L. Farrell

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Weather is a very integral part of the first- grade curriculum. All children have basic weather knowledge that can be developed further. In September when some children are shy and scared to speak up, weather is something they all enjoy contributing information on. My unit is taught with the season theme throughout. It begins with the basic weather observations, and awarenesses. This continues through October when routines and rules are being established. The unit is taught on an ongoing basis throughout the first-grade year (modifications can be made to fit the kindergarten or second-grade curriculum). Meteorological opportunities are utilized as they occur.

Beginning in November, simple concepts of weather are discovered, with a major emphasis on air. Basic understanding of cloud formation and precipitation are developed. Children are engaged in a number of weather- related activities, for example, creating their own wind vane, anemometer and barometer. We also create a “Classroom Weather Center” which broadcasts the weather for two weeks over the P.A. We utilize prediction and critical thinking skills. We touch briefly on severe weather conditions and finish with a field trip to a nearby weather station.

(Recommended for kindergarten to grade 2)


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