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Thatís Not Fair, by Mary-Alice Howley

Guide Entry to 95.01.03:

Thatís Not Fair is a curriculum unit on detective fiction for fifth grade students. Its primary purpose is to encourage independent reading by introducing students to whole series of detective fiction. The reading teacher, the drama teacher and the librarian collaborate to provide students with creative learning activities. In the process this unit appeals to the studentsí sense of what is fair in order to consider values, teach logical thinking, expand writing skills and inveigle the students into a lifelong habit of reading.

The nine series used range in reading level from Super Sam Snoop, R.L. 1.8, to the Dinosaur Detective series, R.L. 5. Lessons on these books include traditional approaches such as plot mapping, creative writing, and the 5 Wís, as well as innovative dramatics, newspaper reporting and group problem solving.

(Recommended for Reading and Language Arts, grade level 5)

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