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Living to Avoid the Criminal Justice System, by Carolyn C. Smith

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There are many obstacles that are in the paths of our young children today. Our children our faced with the challenge of making major decisions much earlier than our ancestors. These challenges are compounded with the fact that there are more babies raising babies, latch key children, and neglect.

This unit will remind the readers of some of the problems that our young children are faced with today. It also provides activities which can be used to help the teachers and students develop strategies which would keep our students from becoming a part of the negative stereotype which plagues our young adults especially African-American children.

All disciplines of the curriculum will be addressed with some sort of activity as it is related to the criminal justice system.

Although this unit is designed for grades K-6, teachers of middle and schools should find this unit of interest to them and their students.

(Recommended for Reading, Language, Social Studies and Social Development, grades K-5)

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