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Literature and Art through Our Eyes: The African-American Children, by Patrice M. Flynn

Guide Entry to 95.04.02:

This curriculum unit was developed as a multicultural, literature-based unit for a third-grade course of study. The objectives of the unit are to increase awareness of African Americans in art and literature, to introduce the students to characters and issues that they can relate to based on their development level, and to enhance the studentsí desire to read and appreciate art.

The unit is divided into four subtopics concerning self-awareness, family, community and friends. Each of these subtopics includes lessons which focus on these areas of life. Additionally, each lesson within the unit is introduced with a particular book or work of art which features an African-American child who is close to the third grade developmental stage. Then the students respond to the initial material through art, writing, social studies or language arts activities.

Throughout the unit I have included activities and reading material which would be appropriate for a wide variety of academic levels. I have also developed the unit to be integrated in many areas of the curriculum which is consistent with the literature-based approach.

(Recommended for Reading and Language Arts, grades 2-5)

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