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Male Image-Building Utilizing the Writing Process, by Kevin S. Miller

Guide Entry to 95.04.03:

This unit is designed to be a therapeutic tool for students, especially males, in upper elementary grades. It will give students an opportunity to communicate their ideals and beliefs in a creative and unintimidating atmosphere.

The unit is based on the Writing Process Approach which has been adopted by the New Haven Board of Education. This policy will affect all students in the New Haven Public School system. This unit will help in the implementation of this new approach by exposing students as well as teachers to this philosophy of expressive writing.

The unit gives suggestions and ideals to facilitate in the starting and continual usage of the writing process.

The unit key elements are classroom setup, social development, mini- lessons, the art of student cooperating and sharing and conferences.

This unit is perfect for the novice as well as the seasoned teacher in the implementation of the Writing Process Approach.

(Recommended for Language Arts and Writing, grades 4-5)

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