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Geology and Connecticut, by Raymond W. Brooks

Guide Entry to 95.05.04:

This unit is using geology as a means to satisfy the science curriculum for grade 6 and AAAS benchmarks for science technology.

The unit begins by discussing and using an activity that helps the student to understand the Big Bang Theory on the origin of the universe. The origin of planets and stars is then explained by using the Dust Cloud Theory.

The spheres of the earth are then discussed briefly so the student can begin to understand the total picture when talking about changing landscapes. These areas are not studied in depth as we want to avoid repetition when they reach grade eight.

The unit ends by learning about the changes that have had a bearing on the geology of Connecticut and what forces are presently active.

The use of technology is suggested throughout the unit. Most elementary schools in New Haven have access to computers and the students should become comfortable using them to do various types of research.

Performance Task Assessments are a means to improve the studentís level of achievement by giving them the criteria you are looking for when he performs his tasks. Examples of how they can be used are found at the evaluation stage of the lesson.

(Recommended for Science/Earth Science, grade 6)

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