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The Risk-Benefit Factor Challenging Our Environment by Sheila M. Martin-Corbin

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This curriculum unit is developed for seventh grade students over a three-week period. It is designed to encourage critical thinking and for students to become involved in the decision-making process resulting in success and healthy lives for all organisms.

This trend of thought will heighten their awareness of the risks and benefits involved in developing new technology. Students will discuss the different types of hazards organisms are exposed to in the environment and discuss the many approaches that can be taken to help minimize these hazards.

Risk-benefit factors are analyzed with each controversial issue and students will have the opportunity to discuss their perceptions and make informed decisions.

Students will be engaged in role-playing, debates, discussions and hands-on-activities.

Alternative methods of controlling pests and sources and disposal of hazardous wastes will also be discussed.

(Recommended for General Science/Ecology, Life Science/Health, and Genetics, grade 7)

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