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Genetics, Birth Disorders, and Pregnancy by Bonnie Bielen Osborne

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This curriculum unit was developed to be used in a secondary special education class, with a pregnant teen population. It is also suitable for use in parenting classes, or as a unit in a general biology class or human physiology class in regular education. Individual sections of the unit may be used in isolation based on interest and need. Parts of the unit might be interesting to a general science class, in either regular or special education.

The goal of the curriculum unit is to enable students to gain information and develop a better understanding of genetics as it related to human development. Specific areas of focus include study of birth defects, genetic disorders, prenatal testing, postpartum evaluation, and pregnancy risk factors.

Modern genetics is a relatively new field, unfamiliar to many teens. In the past few decades knowledge has grown in the field of human genetics, and there are new discoveries being made daily. Many medical problems can now be treated or prevented in babies, including various errors of body chemistry. Our students, maturing individuals and potential parents, need to be informed and educated about these advances.

Upon completion of this unit, students will have gained a better understanding of historical, current, and future implications involved in genetics, and the creation of a new life.

(Recommended for General Science, 7-12, regular or special ed; General Biology/Human Physiology, 9-12; and Parenting 7-12)

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