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Who Am I and Why? by June Pellegrini

Guide Entry to 96.05.07:

This is a beginning unit on genetics intended for a third grade classroom, although it can easily be adapted for use in grades one through four. The unit addresses the need for more relevance in the teaching of early science. However, besides being instructional in the scientific realm, this unit has a strong emphasis on social development through parallel activities that encourage learners to make comparisons and contrasts in both areas.

Who Am I and Why is not intended as a source of information for teachers who are uneducated in the area of genetics; however, background information resources are

provided. This unit does provide a much needed idea bank of classroom activities for the teacher who wants to give her students a varied, rich, hands-on environment for very little cost.

The unit places science-based activities next to social development activities in an effort to provide a humanistic and sensitive approach to a subject area that can otherwise become emotionally complex for young learners.

All of the books listed as learner resources can be obtained at any major bookstore chain.

(Recommended for Science/Social Development, grades 1-4)

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