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Astronomy: Then and Now by Raymond W. Brooks

Guide Entry to 96.06.04:

The main focus of this unit is on the National Science Education Standards for Earth and Space for grades 5-8 and the new eighth grade science curriculum for the City of New Haven. However, we had to go a little beyond these standards as it is necessary for the student to have an overview of how we believe the Universe began and developed over time to its present state.

The “scientific method” is used throughout the unit as a means to motivate student interest by having them write a hypothesis on the various topics before we begin to study that particular area. Discussions following their hypothesis will give them an opportunity to defend or change their hypothesis before the start of study. This can also serve as a pre-test for the teacher.

The unit should clear up many misconceptions students have on the origin of the Universe and provide a better understanding of Earth phenomena.

The amount of time and number of activities you do with this unit will depend on:

1. What do you want the student to know?
2. How well do you want the student to know this?
3. How will you accomplish this goal?
4. How will you evaluate what they have learned?
(Recommended for Earth Science/Science, grade 8)

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