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Our Planet . . . Our Solar System by Waltrina Kirkland Mullins

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Our Planet . . . Our Solar System is a curriculum unit especially created for first grade explorers. It has been developed to provide students ages 5-7 with a solid understanding of planets, stars, satellites and other aspects of our Solar System (e.g., rotation, revolution, scintillation). Although developed for Grade 1, Our Planet . . . Our Solar System can, where necessary, be modified for implementation by Grade K and 2 instructors.

The curriculum unit is divided into five topical sections. Interwoven tactile, kinesthetic, visual and auditory learning activities invite students to (1) experience the interconnectedness between planet Earth and our space neighbors, and (2) closely examine how that interconnectedness impacts our lives.

Astronomy is an exciting Science—one well suited for Early Childhood Curriculum. Through it, we can integrate Math (shapes, visual discrimination, measurement, time . . .), Language Arts (creative writing, introduction of non-fiction and fiction literature), Social Studies (Astronomy-related folklore from around the world), Music (celestial sing-alongs) and Art (create a rocket, planetary exhibit, Moon sculptures . . .) It is my hope that Our Planet . . . Our Solar System serves as a catalyst for Early Childhood teachers and school administrators to include Astronomy as an integral part of the Science Curriculum.

(Recommended for Our Solar System/Science, grade 1, but modifiable for grades K-2)

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